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Komodo National Park

Location :
Komodo National Park lies in the Wallacea Region of Indonesia, identified by WWF and ConservationPink Beach - Komodo National park International as a global conservation priority area. The Park is located between the islands of Sumbawa and Flores at the border of the Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT) and Nusa Tenggara Barat (NTP) provinces. It includes three major islands, Komodo, Rinca and Padar, and numerous smaller islands together totaling 603 km2 of land. The total size of Komodo National Park is presently 1,817 km2. Proposed extensions of 25 km2 of land (Banta Island) and 479 km2 of marine waters would bring the total surface area up to 2,321 km2

History :
Komodo National Park was established in 1980 and was declared a World Heritage Site and a Man and Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1986. The park was initially established to conserve the unique Komodo dragon (Varanus komodoensis), first discovered by the scientific world in 1911 by J.K.H. Vansunset at Komodo National Park Steyn. Since then conservation goals have expanded to protecting its entire biodiversity, both marine and terrestrial.
The majority of the people in and around the Park are fishermen originally from Bima (Sumbawa), Manggarai, South Flores, and South Sulawesi. Those from South Sulawesi are from the Suku Bajau or Bugis ethnic groups. The Suku Bajau were originally nomadic and moved from location to location in the region of Sulawesi, Nusa Tenggara and Maluku, to make their livelihoods. Descendents of the original people of Komodo, the Ata Modo, still live in Komodo, but there are no pure blood people left and their culture and language is slowly being integrated with the recent migrants.
Little is known of the early history of the Komodo islanders. They were subjects of the Sultanate of Bima, although the island’s remoteness from Bima meant its affairs were probably little troubled by the Sultanate other than by occasional demand for tribute.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Caution - please do not use the co-ordinates on this page for navigation - they are to be used as a guide only.
The destinations across Indonesia after Darwin are now arranged but the dates for some destinations and stopovers will change a little as final arrangements are made, this page will be updated as details including co-ordinates become available, always check with this page for the latest information and final details will be given to you before you leave from Darwin.
The 2013 Western Passage Route across Indonesia will be similar as in past years, to see what to expect please see the 2008 History Page for a summary of the event for that year.
The first entry port will to be Kupang as in past years at 10° 09 and 123° 34' located 420 miles W.N.W. of Darwin and from there you will be able to follow our traditional Western Passage Route. Click here for the best information about Kupang and the wonderful surrounding islands and cruising areas of Eastern Indonesia.
Saumlaki at 07° 54’ and 131° 20’ - 300 miles north of Darwin will again available as your port of entry into Indonesia in 2013 - please see the bottom of this page for details.
There are no additional costs for these events through Indonesia however any port charges, additional tours, accommodation and transfers will be at your own expense. You are not expected to join all the Sail Indonesia scheduled events, there will simply not be enough time for you to participate in all our planned destinations and events. As you can see there are some events scheduled at the same time so of course you will not be able to do both events.
After you complete Indonesian Customs and Immigration formalities at your first port in Indonesia if you wish you can then cruise westwards following your own route and simply join the events that suit your schedule.
Western Passage includes Sail Komodo 2013

Kupang 10° 10’ 123° 35' July 30 - August 2
Kupang is one of the main cities in Eastern Indonesia and is located at the western end of Timor and is well known as the place where Captain Bligh finished his epic journey across the Pacific after the mutiny on the H.M.S. Bounty in June of 1789.
After Inbound Customs, Immigration, Quarantine and Port clearance you can enjoy the Welcoming Ceremony by Local Government, and the Bupati in addition there will be a Gala Dinner, Cultural Festival and Exhibition with local tours, woven blankets, arts and crafts exhibits. Fuel and Water orders will be delivered to each yacht. Free time to go on a tour or make your way to Alor.
Alor 8° 13' 124° 30' August 9 - 12
The town of Kalabahi is the main town on Alor has been a popular stopover in past years, this year there will be an art and cultural Expo Opening ceremony at the city Sports stadium presented by all islands of the region. This event will have up to 1000 participants with traditional costume, dance and song. Outing to Alor Besar by bus. Always a cultural treat with beach party with swimming and snorkeling. Gala Dinner then sail to Lembata.
Lembata 08° 22.2' 123° 24.5' August 13 - 16
Anchor at Lowobela Harbor at the foot of a smoking volcano, there will be a welcoming ceremony, opening of the Flores and Lembata Festival Cultural expo with traditional sports demonstrations as well as local arts and crafts. The anchorage in Lowoleba is just a beautiful and secure with a smoking volcano just in front of your anchorage and its only 1km to the city and the market.
Your visit to Lembata won’t be complete without a visit to one of the the last traditional whale hunting village of Lamalera, this village is located in the southern part of the island and access to the area has only recently been improved.

Maumere 08° 36' 122° 18' 20 August 20 - 23
Maumere is the main city of the Sikka Regency, the anchorage at Waiara is in front of Oe Sao resort, the Tourism Office will guide participants to the traditional village of the original Kingdom of Sikka Regency demonstrating Ikat weaving and where you will have the opportunity to try traditional foods and additional festivities are also planned. The anchorage is around 22 kilometers from the town of Maumere , Maumere is the main port in Flores and during the time of Portuguese occupation was a large, there is still the remaining family of the last King and the history still can be seen by visiting the village of Sikka.
Mausembi 8° 30' 121° 48 August 23 - 25
Here the anchorage is off the native, serene untouched villages of Maurole and Mausembi on the central northern coast of Flores in the Ende Regency. The Famous Flores Lembata Festival (FLOBAMORA FESTIVAL) will be held in this village. Participants will also have the opportunity to see Local Wine Processing in Native Ritual and will be invited to the unique traditional village of Wolotopo and you may wish enjoy the hot spring waters along the way.

Maurole in past years has been the best destination of the rally because of the welcome given by the people, good preparation and spread of interesting visits to the traditional villages. The Ende Regency has the most traditional villages in this, the Nusa Tenggara Timur Province where they still follow their old rituals. You will have a chance to visit some of the villages and the tour will be provided by the people of Maurole and the Local Government. One thing that you also should not miss while you are in Maurole is a visit the world famous Three Colored Lakes at Kelimutu in old volcanic craters
Riung 08° 24' 121° 01' August 24 - 27
Riung is the area in the northern part of Ngada regency onFlores Island, the anchorage is located in front of the village name Nangamese and there is a concrete jetty available where you can tie up your dinghy. There are 21 inhabitant islands in the surrounding area and most of them are beautifully circled by white sandy beach and are good for snorkeling. The area of the anchorage is a conservation zone so please be careful when you are entering the achorage.Riung has been a destination for Sail Indonesia some years and this year the new local government (Regent) has agreed to run the event for Sail Indonesia in his regency.
There are traditional markets and restaurant available in area, but please be advised that there are no ATM or money changers, so make sure you get some money while you are in Maumere. There are a number of interesting places in the area you can visit including The City of Bajawa, The Traditional Village of Bena (megalith village) and Wawomuda Crater, Hot water Springs of Mengeruda.
Labuan Bajo 08° 31’ 119° 52’ September 2 - 7
Acceptance Ceremony by the Labuan Bajo Regency, Labuan Bajo is the capital city of Manggarai Regency which is located on the western end of Flores, the anchorage at Pede Beach is well protected as it is inside the bay area and there are also many small inhabitated islands around the bay.
The Komodo Dragon conservation area is located in Komodo Island and Rinca Island, you can visit the conservation area during the day time – a guide will assist you during your visit in the park. Labuan Bajo area is not only famous for the dragons but also for its underwater beauty, there are many spots where you can go diving in this area surrounding the small islands spreading beyond the bay. There will be free time to discover the town area and the surrounding areas.

Lombok 8° 09 115° 01'' September 13 - 16
The stopover will be the Medana Bay Marina development at 8° 21 50, 116° 7’ 45 on the north-west coast of Lombok and overlooks the three Gili isles to the west. The developed tourist area of Senggigi is 30 minutes drive away along the coastal road, Mataram airport (LOP) is 90 minutes via the inland road. Please see the Medana Bay website at medanabaymarina.com/
Bali 08° 8' 115° 01' September 18 - 23
Bali as a world famous tourist destination really needs no introduction. For 2013 the stopover will return to Lovina in the north of Bali. This stopover is at the same time you will need to extend your Social Visa. If you need your Indonesian Social Visa extended this is the place to do it and staff will be there to assist you with your visa extension. The schedule of events for Bali will include cultural shows and dances that Bali is world famous for as well as dinners and island tours. For more information please click Bali and Denpasar The Bali International Airport is 2hours from Lovina and 30 minutes from Denpasar and there are many flights to all domestic and international destinations every day.
Karimun Java 05° 52’ 110° 26 September 25 - 26
This stopover consist of 27 small islands, among them there are 4 larger islands which are inhabited. The larger island of Karimun Jawa is side by side with Kamojan Island, the anchorage is the old harbor is very secure with good anchoring.
In Karimun Jawa you will find a peaceful climate, there is no transportation in the island, one small restaurant (Warung Ibu Esther) located close to the anchorage, the place is actually the gathering place for the sailors. For more luxury climate there are three resorts just about 25 minutes walk away.
Arrive Karimun Jawa city anchorage for reception, cultural dance and shows. Visit Kura Kura resort with an optional dive tour. You can take the ferry to Jepara which is a wood carving center or sail to our anchorage and dinghy dock. Here an official reception by will be staged by the local government. Then, you can join the tour of central Java with a steam locomotive train ride to the Losari coffee plantation for high tea then continue onto Borobudur, one of the 8 wonders of the old world then on to Ramadan Temple , with overnight accommodation arranged at the hotel. Return by bus or continue on your own to visit Yoga. There will be an additional cost for this tour and is planned for 4 days and 3 nights and your vessel will well guarded in front of Harbor Master office in Karimun Jawa.
Kalimantan 02° 45' 111° 40' September 26 - October 2
The Kumai River is on the south coast of Kalimantan, here is the world famous facility where Orangutans that have been kept in captivity are reintroduced into the wild. Rally participants in past years have described their visit here as one of the highlights of their stay in Indonesia. Tours with Korindo should be arranged in advance and can be booked direct with them. to see details and great photographs of a previous trip up the Kumai river by the crew of Billabong in 2007 click here.
Belitung 02° 23' 107° 40' October 16 - 25
Belitung is the name of the regency including Belitung Island, for the past three years Belitung has been the Sail Indonesia farewell destination. Regional Tour of Belitung , Traditional Ceremony, Traditional Festivities and cultural displays and additional festivities are also planned. In Bangkah Tengah you can complete your Indonesian visa and yacht exit formalities before you go on to Singapore.

Sail Komodo Southern Route Details

BA’A, ROTE NDAO 10° 43' 36” 123° 02' 60” August 5 – 9
People who live in this island is well known for being good musicians. There are several traditional musical instruments, but 'sasando' is the best known of them all. Again, there will be the usual festivities.
SEBA, SABU 10° 29' 33” 121° 50' 23” August 10 – 14
One of the newer destinations lies between Rote Ndao and Island of Sumba. Traditional Welcome Ceremony will be held on the beach where participants will land their dinghies. Rather barren island produce 'lontar' products from the Lontar Palm tree including brown sugar, sopi (potent alcoholic beverage).
WAINGAPU, EAST SUMBA 09° 38' 43” 120° 15' 24” August 15 – 18
Anchorage area will be inside the harbour where it is safe although a bit congested. Some say this place has the most exquisite 'ikat'. The participants will have the opportunity to watch the process. The people in Sumba, although some may have converted to other religion, they still practice and following their old traditions rather strictly. This island is known as horse country. Some parts of it look like savannah.
WAIKELO, NORTHEAST SUMBA 09° 23' 12” 119° 13' 75” August 19 – 27
Your stay here maybe a bit longer because they are planning some inland tours to neighbouring areas around Waikelo. There is no other places that has such extensive collection of megalithic monuments. Their traditional village is something to see. This is the home of an event called 'PASOLA' where two group of horsemen stage mock fight armed with lances. Although the lance has dull tip, it can cause serious damage.
BORONG, EAST MANGGARAI 08° 48' 92” S 120° 35' 15”August 28 – September 2
Borong is your first stop in the Island Of Lores before you head for Labuan Bajo. While it will have the usual, organised inland tour should not be missed. Those who think Flores is rather barren place, would be pleasantly surprised to see rice fields and cool mountain areas.
LABUAN BAJO, WEST MANGGARAI 08° 31’ 29” S 119° 52’ 21” September 3 – 14
The main event for Sail Komodo 2013 will be taking place here. This includes numerous traditional cultural events, conferences, exhibitions, Gala Dinner where all participants will be invited. The Indonesian President is expected to be present. The world famous Komodo dragons are found in neighbouring islands of Komodo and Rinca. Guide will be available to explore this National park. This area is also has one of the most exciting underwater beauties anywhere.
Sail Komodo Northern Route Details
WINI 09°10' 65” 12 4°29' 56” August 5 – 8
This town located in Central Northern Coast of Timor is the first stop of the Northern Route. There are number of events being scheduled such as Welcome Ceremony and other events.
GURITA BAY, BELU 09°00' 64” 124° 48' 61” August 9 – 12
Before you head for Alor, it is highly recommended that participants stop at this probably the best anchorage in the area. The channel is well marked and the small bay is well protected. Surrounded by barren hills, it offers quite dramatic view. There is hardly used ferry terminal facility, but otherwise it is peace and quiet inside. Despite its limitation, local government is planning to welcome the participants by offering the usual. Basic facilities will be provided.
KALABAHI, ALOR 08° 13’ 14” 124° 30' 50” August 13 – 15
This main town of Alor has been a popular stop in past years. Huge cultural celebration attended by about one thousand traditional dancers and musicians wearing traditional costumes is one of the attractions being planned. There also will be arts and culture exhibitions and an outing to Alor Besar by bus.
LOWELEBA, LEMBATA 08° 22.07’ 123° 24.50’ August 16 – 19
The anchorage area at Lowoleba is located right at the foot of a smoking volcano. It is about one kilometre from town and market. Some cultural events will be staged here. There will be organized overland tour to the last traditional whale hunting village of Lamalera which is located at southern part of the island. Reportedly, the access to the area has recently been improved.
LARANTUKA, EAST FLORES 08° 04' 63” S 122° 50' 73” August 20 – 23
This charming small town at the tip of easternmost Flores is another new stop. It lies right on the foot of volcano. Actually there are several volcanoes within vicinity. It was originally colonized by Portuguese which left some marks on the local culture. It is well known for it religious festivities. Anchorage is near the ferry terminal with shops nearby. Dinghy can be landed on the beach where security will be provide. Again, thre will be the usual.
MAUMERE, SIKKA 08° 38' 08” 122° 18' 50” August 24 – 27
Maumere is the main town of the Sikka Regency which was badly damaged by tsunami several years ago. Organized tour to the traditional villages where visitor will have the opportunity to witness ‘ikat’ weaving demonstration and sample traditional local cuisine Cultural events also will be staged (among other things). The anchorage is off Sea World.
MAUROLE, ENDE 08° 30' 20” S 121° 48' 00 August 28 – September 1
The anchorage is off the native, serene village of Maurole on the Central Northern coast of Flores. The famous Flores Lembata festival will be held in this village. Visitors also will have the opportunity to visit very unique traditional village (with stop at the hot springs on the way). Ende Regency has the most traditional villages where traditional rituals are still being strictly practised.
Many considered as one of the best stops during the rally. Overland trip to the world famous Three colored lakes at Kalimutu should not be missed. It is much closer from here than from Maumere.
MAROPOKOT , NAGAKEO 08° 30' 91” 121° 19' 74” September 2 – 4
First arriving boats will be escorted into anchorage area by flotilla of local fishermen. Among unique local event is traditional boxing match. This is going to the first visit by Sail Indonesia participants and the local Government is planning to make it a memorable one.
RIUNG, NGADA 08° 24' 70” S 121° 01' 72” September 5 – 7
The anchorage is located in the front of the village of Nangamese. There is a concrete jetty where visitors can tie up their dinghy. Traditional market is within walking distance (about one kilometre). There are about seventeen small beautiful islands in the surrounding area which make Riung is one of the favourite stops. The area is designated as Conservation Zone, so extra precautions during anchoring should be taken.
Eastern Passage
Saumlaki 07° 54’ and 131° 20’ - 300 miles north of Darwin will again available as your port of entry into Indonesia in 2013 as shown in the map on our home page and from there, you can sail to the west via Banda and Wakatobi then on to Flores or Bali to rejoin the group of yachts that first went to Kupang. Then you can join our traditional route known as the Western Passage that will take you through the rest of Indonesia to Bintan or Batam just south of Singapore.
Please Note There will be staff to assist you in Saumlaki with your entry into Indonesia, clearance will be processed under one roof during July 29 to 31 as the Immigration officials will fly in and only be there for that period. The ground support staff people WILL NOT be at any other places until you meet up with to the Western Route group of yachts in Flores or Labuan Bajo. There will only be support staff from the local agents or government offices.
Banda 04° 30' 10” 129° 53'40”
This historic island has always been rated highly by participants who visit here - this group of islands once played a major role in world history during the Spice Trade. This serene and stunningly beautiful place has several fortresses as relics of its sometimes violence and bloody past. Underwater sightseeing is some of the best in the world and there are a couple charming restaurants in otherwise a quiet small town. The anchorage is just few hundred yards away from the foot of the active volcano Gunung Api (Fire Mountain) . Although no events are scheduled here, this place is more than worthy of a visit.
Wanci Wakatobi 05° 20' 52” 123° 32' 10” August 13 – 16
The town offers free mooring inside a deep lagoon and it is a good base to explore surrounding islands. Time may be a bit short for participants to fully enjoy what this place offers. Visit toa seaborne tribe (Bajo) is one of the highlights. This location offers some of best diving spots in the world, take care as some areas are within a conservation zone where some rules and regulations apply
EREKE, BUTON NORTH 04° 50' 23” 123° 10' 31” August 17 – 20
Relatively short distance away lies this town of Ereke where the fleet are expected to anchor. This area which is known for, among others, its successful mangrove conservation program. Local ethnic Buton people are known as good sailors and warriors. Huge fortress which is still standing today as a witness to violent struggle involving pirates and competing kingdoms who were to secure control of the area, Visit to historical places will be arranged.
WAGOLA, BUTON 05° 31' 53” 122° 51' 18” August 21 – 24
On the way South participants are expected to stop at town of where Local Government for the first time will have the chance to play host to the Sail Indonesia participants. Burton was once the seat of a powerful Kingdom who involved in almost continuous struggle with their warring neighbouring Kingdoms. These days it is quiet and peaceful place.
SAGORI ISLAND, BOMBANA 05° 20' 40” 121° 45' 35” August 25 – 28
This island almost in the middle of nowhere will be one of the most interesting destinations. Populated mostly by Bajo fishermen will give the participants a close look how some folks live their simple life. The place doesn't even has source of fresh water. Trips to neighbouring islands will be arranged.
BENTENG, SELAYAR/TAKA BONE RATE 06° 07' 05” S 120°27' 42”August 30 - September 4
There will be several events staged here in Benteng, the capital of Selayar, before the participants head for vast Taka Bone Rate Archipelago which is the third largest atoll islands in the world. Some area is within National Park area, so please pay attention to it Rule and Regulation. Some efforts are being made to have some basic supply such as fuel available during the visit before the boats head South for Labuan Bajo.
LOVINA BEACH, BALI 08° 09' 49” 115° 01'34” September 20 – 25
Bali is the place where introduction is not necessary. This small town in the Northern coast of Bali lined with bars and restaurants have been becoming popular place for people who try to get away from rather crowded but more popular spots in the South. Those who want to explore Bali can do so here by renting car (safer with driver) or motor cycle (not recommended). Your visa extension will be done here. It will not take no more than four days. Local Government will be playing Host to Sail Indonesia participants.
KARIMUN JAWA, CENTRAL JAVA 05° 52' 00” 110° 25' 00” September 27 – 29
The anchorage is at western side of the island Karimun Jawa offers some protection. Although it is bit far from the main island of Java this group of islands is becoming quite popular with domestic tourist. There are three more upscale resorts in the area just in case some yachties are tired of same old things. Despite its limitations, every year the local Government will be hosting several events. Overland tour to world known Borobudur and Prambanan Temple is staged from here. Trip will take several days will include trip to coffee plantations, King's palace, Jogyakarta etc. Your boats will be looked after while you are away.
KUMAI, KALIMANTAN 03°08' 40” 111°37' 70”September 28 – October 2
This is a must place for most if not all visitors. Trips to visit Orang Utan can be arranged here or in advance. Some past participants commented that trip to this facility is one of the highlights of their visit to Indonesia. The anchorage is in the river just across of town of Kumai. Organized tour to Orang Utan facility can be done here with some Agents (Korindo is highly recommended by some) or can be booked in advance.
PULAU SERIBU (THOUSAND ISLANDS) 05° 31 00” 106° 31' 30” October 1 – 4
This group of islands just North of nation's capital is one of the best kept secret. There are number of historical sites scattered in several islands. Some of the islands are relatively untouched despite its close proximity to one of the largest city in the world. Trip to capital can be arranged.
MANGGAR, EAST BELITUNG 02° 51' 27” 108°18' 14” October 5 – 11
Last year the participants considered this place as the friendliest place in Indonesia. This year the fleet are expected to stop here again and the local Government intend to do better. The town of Manggar is known 'Town With One Thousand Coffee Shops' where coffee shops are packed fro morning till late at night.
TANJUNG KELAYANG, BELITUNG 02° 05’ 33' 17” 107° 40' 68” October 12 – 16
With huge boulders strewn all over white sandy beach this place become a popular stop with Sail Indonesia participants. Dinghy may land right on the beach where bars and restaurants are located. There are several beautiful island offshore which become a popular spot. Trip to tin mine may appeal some people.
BATU BERIGA, CENTRAL BANGKA 02° 34’ 09’’ 106° 51’ 55’’ October 17 – 23
In 2012 Central Bangka was the exit point for Sail Indonesia participants. It was done in this small but previously deserted island which almost overnight became a popular spot after the fleet left. This year the anchorage area will be at Batu Beriga in order to provide better protection and more accessible. The events pretty much the standard one.
NIRWANA RESORT, BINTAN 01° 11' 098” 104° 19' 553” October 25 – 28
This is the last stop where Outbound Clearance will be processed before the participants continue on their journey to neighbouring countries. The anchorage will be just slightly off the main route and in relatively protective environment where Local Government is planning to give a proper send off. Farewell Dinner will be the main event here beside other local events.